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useless hands, will be twice as unstable as forty
million with two million standing off. So long
as the present state of affairs continues, this
stratum of perplexed young people " out of it "
will increase relatively to the total community.
It is still not realised as clearly as it should
be, how much the troubles of the present time
ire due to this new aspect of the social puzzle.
iut if you will scrutinise the events of the past
lalf century in the light of this idea, you will
see more and more convincingly that it is mainly
through this growing mass of unfulfilled desire
that the disruptive forces manifest themselves.
The eager and adventurous unemployed young
are indeed the shock troops in the destruction of
the old social order everywhere. They find
guidance in some confident Party or some
inspired Champion, who organises them for
revolutionary or counter-revolutionary ends. It
scarcely matters which. They become Com-
munists or they become Fascists, Nazis, the Irish
Republican Army, Ku Klux Klansmen and so
forth and so on. The essence is the combination
of energy, frustration and discontent. What all
such movements have in common, is a genuine
indignation at the social institutions that have
begotten and then cold-shouldered them, a quasi-
military organisation and the resolve to seize